My April Stitch Along Week 5

Posted by Ruth on 30 April 2017 | 2 Comments


It took me a bit to get started with finishing off my pieces, mainly because I knew I had quite a bit of work ahead of me so had to find some designated time when I knew I wouldn't get interrupted. I decided I liked the split level display so immediately cut the three pieces apart to work on them separately.... starting with the leaves project, I knew I needed to start by stitching around the raw edges of the circles. I used a pale lemon thread for this which matched the fabric.

Because the cover fabric wasn't fused, I felt I needed to add a bit more than free-motion straight stitching so tried a free-motion Zig Zag using a dark thread. 

zigzag edge stitching by free-motion

I soon realized I didn't like that at all so decided to couch some yarn over it. I found a soft white and tan yarn to use.

yarn for couching to cover raw edges 

Using a light colored thread I free-motion Zig Zagged it in place. With the first completed circle, I realized it didn't look all that round anymore....

couched yarn using free motion I change to an embroidery foot for the second circle.

couching with embroidery foot

My next circle looked much better. 

couched edge using embroidery foot

I went on to finish the others in the same way. It was quite slow and tedious, but I liked the effect and I was improving as I went.

couched edge using embroidery foot

couched edging finished

With all the circles finished, I change back to the free motion foot. Using a pale lemon rayon thread, I began filling in the background by echoing the shapes. In some areas, I created a circular type design.

free motion echo quilting

Continuing on I developed a second circular design which I liked better....

free motion echo quilting with knots

.... so I went over the first to give it a similar look.

first knot of free motion changed

I continued until the entire background was fill of stitching making sure to leave uneven widths between each row of the echoing (unlike standard echo quilting where they are all even) as I liked this effect. It adds movement I feel. I also added in a few more design circles.

leaf project finished

That's my first piece completed with the exception of the outer edging. I continued on to finish the next two as well, but I'll write about those tomorrow so be sure to check back because I did some things a little differently! Continue on to day two....

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  • What a treat to watch and learn from your stitching adventures! Thank you.

    Posted by Dottie, 02/05/2017 8:32pm (4 years ago)

  • Love the leaves. It's interesting watching your process. Thank you.

    Posted by Valerie, 01/05/2017 5:28pm (4 years ago)

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