My March Stitch Along week 2

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Honestly, I had no idea what I was going to do with these strips before I started. I could probably just join them up but then that would be a little boring. I did decide to join two strips together to see where it took and white strips joined

With the seam pressed, I looked at it and thought I might just cut this up as it is so I cut it into triangles and rectangles.strips cut into sections

Some of the other strips I cut up into squares and rectangles...rectangles and squares cut from strips

others I left as and white strips

This free form cutting is fun! You should try it...

So, I need to build a 15" square. I looked at my pieces and the most obvious thing was to start with the triangle pieces. These would need to be made into rectangles to join them easily. I added a strip to one and pressed the seam.add strip to triangles

Then trimmed off the excess to make a rectangle.trimmed strip to form rectangles

I repeated this for the remaining pieces too - all with free form cutting, no ruler.patched rectangles

By doing this, I realize I was creating single scrap triangles. These I joined together to make more rectangles.half triangle rectangles

Next, I decided to sew all these sections into 15" strips by adding some of the plain pieces in between the triangle blocks. The two-strip joined rectangles, I joined together by alternating the fabrics side to side - I like the effect of this.pieced strips approx 15inches

Now was the perfect time to audition those red fabrics again. I lay them down side by side and put the strips on top. (note if you hadn't noticed last week's blog comments, most if not all thought I should use the red/white fabric and this is what I had thought myself too!) But... I noticed how distracting those white splotches were and I realized I didn't particularly care for the arrangement. The red/black was working better for me now. How about you?auditioning red fabrics

The decision was made, I went with the red/black fabric and thought I would just add in a couple of full-length strips so first I joined all the other pieced strips into panels leaving the alternating fabric strip on its own.join strips into panels

I added a red strip to each side of the alternating fabric strip and then one piece panel to either side of the red strips to create my 15" square block which I trimmed a little to make it square.... or squarish. Of course, I free form cut so it is practically impossible to make a perfect square this way. One won't be needed anyway!add red stripes to panels to make 15 inch square

What do you think? I really like the soft curves of the free form cuts. How about you?

A last note for this week, Susan has sent me some photos and Jennifer is also joining in the challenge so tomorrow I thought I'd send you an update of their progress. Be sure to watch for that and the instructions for next week.... Happy Quilting!

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