My March Stitch Along week 4

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Deciding what to do with my stitch along project at this point was probably the hardest part of the whole challenge for me, but I decided I might make this one into a cushion - after all, I could do with some fresh covers!

Since I already had an inner to use, I added some black borders to bring it up to size. I needed to add about 2" all round so free form cut strips 3" wide allowing 1/2" for seams and 1/2" for crookedness. block with border added

It wasn't exactly square when I'd finished but my thought was to square up after the quilting was complete and any other embellishments that I might add.

No sure whether or not to embellish, I decided to begin quilting. First I layered the block, then started by outlining the "lighthouse" section using free motion in the ditch. Now if you have tried this, it isn't very easy. Straight lines are quite hard with free motion, but it was good motion quilting in the ditch

From there I followed the pieced lines in these blocks to pull the plainer middle block into the other three red blocks. It's a bit hard to see, but you can see the stitching lines in the inner block and through the red fabric in the outer motion quilting straight lines

Now for the top part. I decided I should define those light rays by straight stitching (still free motion) rays out from the light section of each block. I eye-balled the lines as straight as I could making sure the stopping point was directly in line with the needle. I started first with the right motion quilting straight lines fanned out

then the left motion quilting fanned straight lines from center

When the line was quite long, I used my finger to pinpoint the stopping point of the line to give me a better visual end motion quilting straight lines thumb guide

This is how it looks with the top done motion quilting straight lines finished

...and here's how the back looks. Can you spot where I went wrong? Very obvious on the back, but thankfully not on the motion quilting straight lines back of block

With all the quilting done, I wasn't keen to add any further embellishment. I did consider quilting the border but wasn't sure how so went on to make a piping for the edge - well a piping without the pipe lol. Perhaps it has a name, I'm not completely sure.

For the piping, I cut two strips 1" wide and joined them on the bias to make one long strip. I then pressed it in half lengthwise. I positioned the folded piping with raw edges to the raw edge of my block and stitched it on just as I would a binding with mitered corners.

With that in place, I looked at that border again and decided, yes I needed to add something. I wish I had a variegated red/black thread, but didn't, so the red variegated one would have to do. I quilted two lines around the border.straight quilting in border with

I made two sections for the back of the cushion a little wider than the width of the front. These I folded in half and positioned them on the right side of the cushion with the folded edges toward the center, overlapping them so all the raw edges were even. I pinned this in place and then flipped it over which made it easy to stitch as I had the piping stitching to follow.attaching cushion back

Once stitched I clipped the corners off to make it turn easily and turned it right side out.clip corners of cushion before turning

I added black velcro at the overlap to hold the back opening closed, then stuffed my inner inside and woo hoo, my cushion is finished. I'm pleased with the result. It worked out better than I finished cushion

 I also updated the gallery, so be sure to check that out too! 

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  • Very eyecatching pillow.

    Posted by Barbara F, 02/04/2017 7:35pm (4 years ago)

  • Now that's just COOL!!!

    Posted by Claudia W, 27/03/2017 10:06pm (4 years ago)

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