My May Stitch Along for Week 4

Posted by Ruth on 29 May 2017 | 2 Comments


I totally love the stitching part of any quilt especially free motion and thread painting so I knew this would be a fun exercise for the weekend. The first thing I needed to do was stitch down that border. I used a very dark blue which matched the fabric and carefully stitched around the edges, but not before doing a warm up. I always do this before starting free motion.

stitching the border in place

You cannot really see this in the photo so here's a closeup.

stitching on border closeup

With that done, I selected a number of rayon threads.... pink, 2 yellows, orange, 3 reds, purple and blue. 

selecting thread colors to match the sunrise

I started thread painting in the middle with the orange thread. I wasn't worried about keeping the lines straight - they need to be crooked - and I made them a little wider where I intended to blend through another color.

orange thread painting

From here I started to work up into the red, and somewhere I turned my project around starting from the other side... I soon found out this wasn't a good way to stitch!

stitching the wrong way

Naturally, I turned it back the other way.... and continued. I didn't use the pale red but selected the mid red for the next section, blending it through into the orange.

red thread painting

Then I used the darker red to blend into the previous red, but it was a little difficult to see the difference in the stitching even though it is quite noticeable on the reels.

two reds thread painted - hard to see the difference

Looking at my fabric colors, I realized I'd missed selecting a teal thread. I found one that was perfect and used that to fill in the remaining top area....teal thread painting

....then I blended through the purple and blue threads into it. The effect is looking good.

purple and blue thread painting

Next, I went down to the lower section where I had intended to use the pink thread, but changed my mind and used the pale red instead. I used the darker yellow thread to blend the red and orange together. I needed to work the "in-between" bits too.

thread painted sunrise or sunset

I am quite pleased with the result, but I did learn as I went. Next time instead of cutting fabric squares and placing it on the fusible, I will add the fusible to the fabric, remove the paper and then cut the squares. By doing this, I will have a lot less fraying. It was fun though and it has given me an idea for a larger quilt sometime in the future.

One last thought I had.... what about adding an horizon? This was my thought and I rather liked it. Now I have the illusion of looking over a lake to see the sun setting beyond a city in the distance.

horizon in the sunset

 Which do you like best? Horizon or no horizon?

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  • Love them both, but the horizon certainly gives an added dimension to the 'view'...

    Posted by Toni Leggate, 30/05/2017 11:48am (1 year ago)

  • They both look great but I think I like the horizon best.

    Posted by Valerie, 30/05/2017 9:32am (1 year ago)

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