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A new gallery for April Stitch Along starting with the first week. A number of entries have come in with a selection of word choices and photos for the gallery. It's not too late to join in. Check out our first set of rules.

Kay Chavez sent her selection along saying: "Wanting to use these dragonflies for a while! Some pieces are doing multiple tasks but as we know that can change. So far I have:

  • S = suede texture
  • T = teal color
  • T = tonal (or thread?)
  • H = hexagon shape
  • A = Amber ( my daughter :-) color so pretty)
  • L = layers
  • O = oval shape

That just leaves the "icng" on the cake! I think C is charm and G is gold chain? N may become navy if the elbow patches are a better match. That just leaves "I" don't know...

Kay's Update: Kay made some adjustments and sent in a new photo to add too. Here is how her list looks now:

  • Suede
  • Teal
  • Ivory
  • Threads
  • Charms
  • Hexagon
  • Amber
  • Layers
  • Oval
  • Needles
  • Glow in the Dark

Birgit Fischer of Germany sent along a word selection in German with English translation: PDF of word selection choices

Birgit's choice was: 

  • S: Schablone (stencils) - I have chose two of my stencils that will also work with trapunto
  • T: Türkis (turquois) - I have chosen some turqois fabric scraps, I have gotten from a friend
  • I: Iridescent thread - I have chosen threads from my stash in light pink, dark pink and orange
  • T: Trapunto - I will use the stencils for trapunto
  • C: crash - I have chosen an ecru fabric that will chrash easily
  • H: hellrosa (light pink) - one of the iridescent threads
  • A: Aquarellstifte (water colour pencils) - I use these for marking the trapunto pattern/stencils
  • L: Lachs (salmon) - colour of two chosen fabrics
  • O: orange - one of the iridescent threads
  • N: naturweiss (ecru) - the fabric choosen for crashing
  • G: Garn (thread) - see I: irridescent thread

Jennifer Houlden sent in a photo of some of the selection she will use. You can read about her choices on her blog.

Jennifer's choice

And you can read about my selection on my Sunday blog post

My selection

Gin Keim joined us with a list of words:

For the front

For the back

  • S - Sunbonnet Sue
  • T - Tan fabric
  • C - Cube
  • A - Applique
  • L - Light
  • O - Orange fabric
  • N - Navy fabric
  • I - Indigo fabric
  • T - Tunnel or Thread
  • H - Half square triangle or hand stitch
  • L - Lemons printed on fabric or the Laurel Wreath Block
  • G - Grid

Week Two

I got started on my challenge piece over the weekend. Did you? You can read about my blog here: My thoughts and ideas for this challenge.

My challenge piece (front)

Gin Keim sent in her challenge piece - the front

Gin Keim

Jennifer Houlden sent in her challenge entry. You can read about it here on her blog.

Jennifer Houlden

Kay sent her challenge piece along which uses Suede, Teal, Threads, Charms, Hexagon, Amber, Oval, Needles:

Kay's front


Week Three

Remember to check out the rules for week's two and three. Here is the back of my challenge piece. You can read which words I used and more about it on my latest blog post.

Back for my challenge piece

Gin Keim sent in a photo for week 3. Her final choices for the back are:

"Indigo Fabric (on the floor of the design); Tunnel (scene); Half-square triangle – light green on the bottom of the left wall (its close, but I also hand stitched the angle on the right side of the floor to the bottom of the right wall); Lemon fabric in the tunnel; and green fabrics. If I do this scene again, I think I will applique the arch and columns so they add more to the scene."

Gin's back

Jennifer Houlden also sent in her back, you can read about it on her blog.

Jennifer's back

Kay's back uses Ivory, Layers, Glow in the Dark: 

Kay's back

and here is how it looks glowing in the dark

glowing in the dark

Week 4

Kay's piece quilted.

Kay's challenge quilted

And mine finished:

My challenge piece completed


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  • I am learning from your photos that art quilt is not all about technique. I hope to learn to let myself go to be a little more creative.

    Posted by Gin in Maryland, 25/04/2014 9:00am (6 years ago)

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