Stitch Along Gallery - April 2015

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April's Gallery will be interesting. If you missed the rules for this stitch along, click on the links below and join in. It's an easy start so why not join in the fun?

April Week One

Marilyn sent in her photo - she has green like me!

marilyn stitchalong apr w1

Marilyn's fabric selection

Amanda sent in a photo too, her colors look interesting.

amanda stitchalong colorful fabrics

Amanda's colorful fabrics

And here are my squares, strips and scraps. Read more about my blog post here.

stitch along apr w1 gallery

My scrap pile of fabrics

April Week Two

Marilyn sent in a photo of her block.

Marilyn's stitch along block stitched

Marilyn's stitch along block stitched

And I used decorative stitches to sew my block. You can read about that in my latest blog post.

Ruth's stitch along April block

My stitch along block

April Week Three

I love what Marilyn did on her block. How cute!

marilyn stitchalong april w3

Marilyn added flowers in her window!

I added light colored butterflies to my block. You can read about it here on my latest blog post...

stitch along apr w3 with butterflies

I added three butterflies to my stitch along block

Happy to see Betty Middleton joining in our challenge. She created a fun pink and green piece.

betty middleton's stitch along project for april

Betty's project

April Week Four

Marilyn made an arch with her project - what a perfect finish!

Marilyn stitch along for apr week 4 - she made an arch

Marilyn's arch

I made a hexagon with mine and think it would make a great place mat - I have matching coasters to go with it. Find out what I did by reading my blog post.

My stitch along for April  week 4 - shaped as a hexagon

My hexagon place mat



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