My December Stitch Along week 1

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When I came up with December's challenge, I had no idea it was going to be so much fun. This week we needed to make a tab (using the tab pdf that I provided as a template last week) and make it into a memory tab of something you have been doing recently or an achievement. Well I have to say, most of what I've been doing this last week, and for the past two months actually, is loading 98 quilting classes into the Academy. My goal was to have them completed by the end of November. Goal met!

So my tab is going to represent those classes I've loaded into the Academy. Of course, I couldn't put them all on a tiny little tab, but I'll have a good go at it. I started my design by drawing the tab on graph paper and designing, probably the smallest bargello in history. With only a width of 3" there was going to be some pretty small bargello strips. They included 1/4", 5/8", 1/2" and 3/4". I didn't have room to fit a 1" strip!

So that covers bargello classes. I cut out an applique flower (actually had a spare one in by box of tricks, I mean scraps) and that covers the many applique classes, too many to count. I also cut out some little squares of dyed fabric - now I have dyeing classes covered too. I positioned them on my template to get an idea of how big and how much I could add.

I collected a few more things. Beads to represent the beading classes, embellishment for surface design, the scissors and ruler represent designing classes, and I remember I had this miniature Ohio Star block, made some time ago that should be included. I'll have to think about that one, but that surely covers patchwork classes.

I think I have collected enough for now, I only have a 3" x 4" area to work in! So I started piecing my bargello. Ok, I didn't use the tube method for this, just a little too small I think.

I cut long white strips to make up the rest of the background, making them longer than required so I could trim them back after I'd pieced them together.

I have to admit, you have to be very precise with these tiny strips. You only need to be out a thread and it looks like a mile. I did pretty good, all my seams seem to be matching and I didn't use a single pin.

I used fusible batting to press onto the back and keep the bargello straight. It is hard to keep those seams straight with the bulk of the seam allowance underneath. With the batting fused in place, I was able to cut out my tab shape.

Next I appliqued my flower shape on and did a little quilting - to represent the quilting and embroidery classes. I also edged my tab with a fuzzy yarn, more surface design and fibers. I left tails of yarn for the ties and used a free-motion zigzag to stitch it in place over the raw edge.

I could have fused the dyed squares on, but decided to leave them loose and use the beads to attach them. I added my sunflower embellishment (there are several different flower type classes) and ruler and scissors.

Well I had better not forget my patchwork star! Ah ha, I will add it to the end of my tie. I finished it off like the little block in last month's challenge and then thought of one more element to add. Handwork. I added some tiny hand quilting stitches in the Ohio Star block.

This block is only 1 1/2" square. I must be nuts! This was fun though.

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