My December Stitch Along Week 2

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This week when I wrote up the rules on Thursday I had no idea what I could make to represent the restrictions until at least 24 hours later. Friday morning I had an invite to dinner and a movie with my best ever friend and we had such a memorable evening that I decided to use this for my stitch along tab idea. I collected a few things.

A collection of things to use

Red and white check always reminds me of a table cloth, not that ours was, but it is a good representation I think. I cut out a couple of fused circles to make a gold rimmed dinner plate, and a rose to represent my most all time favorite movie which we watched. Phantom of the Opera.

First I layered the two fabrics together with the batting fused in between.

Layered fused together

Next I added the gold and then white (well almost white) circles, pressed them in place and stitch around both circles twice with gold metallic thread.

Plate double stitched with gold thread

My rose had to have a black ribbon, which I didn't have so I figured the next best thing was to make one by cutting a skinny strip of black fabric. I cut to from the selvage so it wouldn't fray and I didn't need to stitch it either. I tied a bow around the stem which I bent slightly and positioned it across the plate. I felt it would show up much better that way.

Black ribbon added

I edged my tab with white yarn. I was going to use black but I didn't seem to have any and now I think the white probably looks better anyway. I left the yarn long enough for a tie. I can trim it to length later if necessary.

Edged with white thread

Lastly I added my best friend embellishment to finish it off.

Best friend tab

This was fun to make and another memorabilia.

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