My December Stitch Along Week 3

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I think the most memorable thing for me this year are my flower blocks. How did they come about? You can thank Cricket. Cricket challenged us to blog every day of this year so I had to come up with something different for each day of the week and Fridays just happened to be flower day, thus Friday's flower was born. 

Oh course, I could not put all my flowers onto one little tag so I picked my favorite, the Calla Lily, pictured below.

Calla Lily block

To make it interesting I decided I'd make 3-d flowers using the same colors I used for the block. I started out by making the tag. I used black for the background so the flowers would really stand out against it and I fused a green leaf onto it. Nearly forgot to stitch it down!

I double stitched the raw edges of the leaf and added some fluffy green yarn around the edge of my tag. I was liking the way it looks, that green yarn is fun!

Next I needed to make the flower. I decided two would be good. I drew a template for roughly the size I wanted.

Then I drew the three sections onto fusible and pressed them to the back of the fabrics. After cutting them out, I fused them all together onto batting which was backed with another fabric. You can see the edge of it around the batting.

Now I cut it out through all the layers.

I double stitched the raw edges of the two inner sections, but not along the bottom.

And then I used a zigzag to stitch around the entire shape. The stitching started to make it change shape a little, which is exactly what I wanted.

Now to make the stamen. I cut an hour glass shape from yellow fabric and folded it in half. The fold formed the top. 

I folded the raw edges inward and folded it in half to cover them.

Then slip stitched it together taking a small gather at the top so it was dome-shaped.

After it was stitched I positioned it in the center of my flower shape and stitch it there, making sure the seam was facing the back where it couldn't be seen.

Now I folded the flower around the stamen and added a few stitches to hold it in place.

Here's a view looking down into the calla lily before I stitched it.

Lastly, all I needed to do was stitch the two flowers to the tag.

That was fun!

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