My December Stitch Along Week 5

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Today is the last Stitch Along Sunday for December and 2013. I have to say I had a lot of fun playing today, making a design to attach my tags to. I do have to admit, I didn't quite get it all finished as I want to add more. Check out what I did.

I decided that all I wanted to create was some form of background, it really didn't matter, all I knew is that I wanted to play with surface design. Creating art is so much fun and I just let it go where it took me.

I knew I wanted to play some more with Tyvek. My last play with it was definitely fun but I didn't do it for any reason, this time I wanted to include some in my surface. I played around with the Tyvek between two sheets of Teflon and a hot iron.

I tried using some painted Tyvek as well, painting the Tyvek before applying the iron.

Then I decided it melted best before it was painted so I painted these pieces afterward. I really like the one on the left, it almost looks like pepples or some sort of rock formation.

I thought I'd use a dark background fabric as a base for my surface design and I collected a few things I felt I could use including my painted Tyvek.

I positioned the Tyvek in several areas around the background deciding it looked kind of like a tree trunk. This thought gave me an idea of perhaps using it as a branch across the top of my design from which I could hang my tags. I positioned the pieces as such and used one of my yarns to form loops dangling from it as well as long strands which I intended to sew down.

With the strands in position, I removed the Tyvek and baste the yarn in place across the top. I used free-motion to do this and needed to be careful not to push the yarn aside or allow it to get caught up in the foot. This meant lifting the foot on several occasions. Good thing I had the knee lift in!

Next I placed the Tyvek back over the top and I stitched it along the bottom edge. I think this will give enough support to take the weight of the tags when hanging. I haven't stitched the upper edge yet as I haven't quite decided on how I'll finish it off. Need to think about that one. Maybe I will add some stitching.

Now, what to do with these two copper leaves? I like them real well and just needed to include them. I tried them in several places and settled on placing them in the center. I stitched them in place, but first I pushed the green yarn out of the way so as not to get caught up in it as I stitched.

As I was stitching the leaves on, I remembered I had some copper fairy frost fabric somewhere so once the leaves were on, I went to look for it. Bonus, I found a scrap that was already fused. I cut four leaf shapes and added them either side, couching a fine metallic cord down the center and around the edge to secure them in place. I used a free-motion zig-zag to do that. Very cool.

Now I put the yarn back into position. I changed my thread to a moss green rayon and used the zig-zag stitch to go over top of the yarn, just letting it take me where ever the yarn went. Free form is definitely fun, no pattern to follow.

One more yarn added, this time a glitsy whispy yarn.

I want to do more, but am running out of time today so decided to just audition my tags to see how they look.

This one is going to be a work in progress, but I had so much fun with surface design that I'll be continuing on again soon. I'll keep you updated.

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