My November Stitch Along week 2

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I had a lot of fun this week. Did you? I hope you didn't miss this week's rules. How did you get on with the quarter square triangles? I received a couple more entries for last week and Jennifer sent her challenge pieces in for this week with quarter square triangles bordered. She must have had lots of fun because she made a Christmas theme set too. Check out the gallery: November Gallery.

On Thursday I made the demo using some of the squares I had cut. Today I finished making all my quarter square triangles. I ended up with eight, four in each size and two of the four are mirror images of the others as you can see below.

I trimmed two of the large squares to 3 1/2" and two of the small squares to 2 1/2". I've put the others aside for now. Maybe we will use them, maybe not. We will see.

Next it was time to add borders. I didn't want to put on a regular border so played around a little. I decided that I would put borders on just two sides to give the appearance of the block floating above the surface. For this I need two squares of background fabric and two strips of the dark border fabric.

I wanted the border on the small unit to finish at 1/2" wide therefore I cut 1" sections and the larger at 3/4" so it was 1 1/4" cuts for that. I also decided to miter the corner so it matched the triangle unit. This is what I cut:

  • FOUR 1" squares of background (small unit)
  • FOUR 1" x 3" strips of border fabric (small unit)
  • FOUR 1 1/4" squares of background (large unit)
  • FOUR 1 1/4" x 4" strips of border fabric (large unit)

For each unit I needed TWO squares and TWO strips.

I added the squares to the ends of the strips and then attached the strips to the unit making a mitered corner. For details on mitered corners, see my free tutorial on my website: mitered corners

It's a little hard to see in the photo but you might just be able to pick up the seam in the mitered corner if you look close enough.

So this is what I ended up with, but when placed on the background fabric it was hard to see how I wanted the units to float because the light picked up on the corners making them stand out from the background fabric rather than blend in.

I placed one square on a piece of white paper which gives you a much better idea of the effect I was trying to create if you visualize the navy section a shadow of the unit.

Hopefully when I finally get the background fabric around it, I'll end up with the same sort of result.

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