My November Stitch Along week 3

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I updated the gallery again so be sure to check it out: November Gallery and then I continued on with coming up with a way to put all my blocks together. If you missed the rules, you can find them here.

I used my graph paper to work out my layout. I decided to go with the more detailed design and finish off what I started drawing rather than starting over. I added a 1" strip to the top and bottom and my overall design ended up 13 1/4" x 10.

I figured that was a bit of an odd number so increase my center strip to bring the overall size to 14" x 10. That's better. I didn't draw it in, just made note of the change and adjusted the written sizes.

I worked out both the dimensions and the cutting sizes for all the sections to make up my design, excluding the four blocks of course which I already knew. That totaled thirteen pieces. I then wrote them down grouping them together where a group had a same measurement. This makes it easier and faster to cut these odd sizes. Labeling each section helps too!


All I needed to do now was cut ONE strip 1 3/4" wide and ONE 3 1/2" wide. I did have a little left over, but it didn't take long at all to cut them out. I then lay them out on my cutting board.

Now with everything cut out, I can sew them into blocks.

It's starting to come together now!

The blocks are sewn together and then the rows can be sewn. At the last minute, I changed my mind and decided to have the smaller blocks in the middle. I could do this easily but just moving swapping the two pieced rows.

I couldn't resist using that spider web fabric one more time, so added a 2" border around the outside.


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