My November Stitch Along

Posted by Ruth on 3 November 2013 | 1 Comments


Stitch Along November begins. I had so much fun last month that I'm thinking I need to make another piece similar for a Christmas gift. I know a couple of the others thought the same, but now we are onto a new challenge. Will you join me? Did you see the rules for November yet? November week one rules are here.

This week we needed to select some fabrics. Three fabrics that go together, one for a border or frame and one for a background. I used the cobweb fabric I posted on Thursday for one of my fabrics and selected others to go with it (3 on the right). My background is a pale blue although I caught a little too much light in the photo which makes it look lemon instead and my border is a navy.

I then cut out the squares. My pale blue is my third fabric.

I almost forgot that I needed to pick the three elements in our phrase "something round, something green, something Halloween". My cobweb fabric is my as-close-as-it-gets halloween item and I found some seashell beads in my box of goodies that I'll use for "round" and "green".

I'm not sure which I will use yet. Let's see what happens.

Let's check out the gallery.

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  • Found fabrics.

    Posted by Elvira Richardson, 10/11/2013 1:25am (6 years ago)

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