My September Challenge week 1

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The 1st of September and I'm ready to begin a new challenge piece. I don't have a lot of time today because I'm due to head out but that's ok because this first week is quick. It did help that I selected my fabrics last night as usually that is the longest process.

If you need to check back for week 1 rules you can find them here: September Challenge rules week 1

I used the photo to draw some designlines onto fusible - my favorite method of applique.

I also selected seven fabrics to work with: pale blue for the sky, a pinkish grey for the snow tops, purple for the mountains, dark green for the background hills, a bright washy green and rustic color for the tree/bush line and a light grass green for the foreground.

I decided to cut the sky fabric the full size of the area. In fact, a little larger so I had room to move. By doing this, I created a base for the other fabrics to adhere to.

I cut along the lines on the fusible and pressed them to the wrong side of my fabrics leaving plenty of room around the edges. When I went to cut them out, I cut directly on the edge along the top side and left a good 1/4 - 1/2" along the bottom side. This extra is so no gap forms between the pieces. It just wouldn't look right to have sky peeping through between the hill lines!

It was about here that I realized all my pieces were going to be reversed - something I always tell my students when using fusible. In this case I had designed directly on the fusible instead of making a template to work from. Bad idea. Not only do I not have a template in case I want to ever make this again, but now my picture image is reversed. I figure it won't matter so much for this challenge piece. The idea was for the photo to give me design lines, they didn't need to be true to the photo.

So I moved on. I started with the snow section first. I removed the backing paper and positioned the fused fabric approximately in the right location on the sky fabric. This is where the template would have come in handy but I can use the paper backing to guide me.

Now I positioned the paper backing on top of the snow section so the top edges were even. I removed the backing paper from the mountains and aligned the top raw edge with the bottom of the paper backing.

I used this method to build up the landscape, removed the backing papers and then made some minor adjustments before pressing in place. I also trimmed off a little of the sky excess. I'll trim it all again later once it is layered and stitched.

The last thing to do was to select a fabric to use with my scene. I selected this fabric that has a hint of green in it and the rusty tones of the bushes. I do reserve the right to change my mind on this next week however. We'll see.

Now it is time for me to go out. I'm hoping when I return I will have some entries sent in to place in the September Gallery which I'll make. You have about 10 hours, will that be long enough? <grin> Play and have some fun!



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