My September challenge Week 3

Posted by Ruth on 15 September 2013 | 2 Comments


Did you find the rules for this week's stitch along? You can find them here: Week 3 rules

This week I needed to select a decorative stitch. There are so many to choose from but I finally settled on one and did a little practice before working on my project. I found the default was quite large so reduced the width before I completed my practice.

practicing my decorative stitching

I used a rustic brown thread and stitch along the bush shapes so most of the stitching was above the brown fabric.

stitching along the bush tops

I'm not sure I really like it too much so for the second bush I moved the stitch down so it was more centered over the raw edge.

stitching centered over raw edge

That was a little better but I still was not completely happy with the stitching. Ahhh I know, let's add a little color to it. I used a pigma pen that was a similar color. Unfortunately it was only a fine tip pen, but it did the job.

colored in the stitches

I decided to move away from the decorative thread - definitely not my favorite and move back to free-motion which is my favorite. Old habits are hard to let go but at least I gave it a try. I used a free-motion zigzag in a dark brown to break up the brown bushes.

free-motion zigzag

That was much more fun.

I went on to use the free-motion zigzag along the top edges of the green bushes and again in the middle to break it up.

more free-motion zigzag

For the lower grassy section I changed to straight stitching free-motion and rocked the fabric back and forth as I stitched along the top edge. This photo I took to show all the various stitching to compare.

compare the different stitching

I finished off the other raw edges by straight stitching twice - along the hill, mountain and snowline.

straight stitching twice along raw edges

This is how my piece finished for this week.

week three finished

Be sure to check out the gallery too: September Challenge Gallery


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  • This is exactly what my bushes need - I just wasn't sure how to do it. :)

    Posted by Amanda, 19/09/2013 4:13pm (8 years ago)

  • I love how the decorative stitching added dimension to the piece. I wish I could get it together so I could follow allow with fabric instead of just watching!

    Posted by claudia w, 15/09/2013 10:52am (8 years ago)

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