My September Challenge Week 4

Posted by Ruth on 22 September 2013 | 2 Comments


The weeks are certainly moving forward. I cannot believe we are into the 4th Sunday of September. This month has 5 Sundays so we have an extra week to play. What were the rules for this week? Did you miss them? Week 4 rules.

So this week I needed to add some embellishment or free-form plant, but before getting underway, I decided to do a little more stitching. I wanted to push the sky down to make the mountains pop up a little. I also wanted an excuse to play with some variegated thread. I pulled out a couple of threads that I thought would work with my background. A pale blue and a green.

I free-motion quilted lines through the sky area. I made them a little wavy to create motivement, but not too much.

I love the texture this lines create with the cotton batting. It is hard to see in the photo though. Maybe you can see it better at this angle.

I used the green thread to enhance the foreground in the scene. It was a tusk green design fabric, so I went with that thought in mind and created some grass.

Now it is time to move on to some embellishments. My first thought was adding some leaves to the fractures or trunks in the scene, but then I decided that purple in the scene was pretty lonely so I should introduce some more. Flowers will work for that. I pulled two purple fabrics, a medium and a dark (the photo shows it being more pink that it really is).

I layered the two fabrics with batting in between and then free-motioned some flowers on them. I figured this was easier than drawing and the stitching helps stabilize the layered together as well as to give me a guildline to follow. I did some rounds for the centers too.

I went on to using a free-form zigzag following the stitching lines. I used another variegated thread, purple this time. The free-form zigzag gives an uneven edge which makes the flower a little more realistic I feel. Next I cut the sections out, close to the stitching - that's as close as I dared to go, didn't want to nip the stitches.

Okay, how that I have flowers made, I really need to make some leaves too. This time I decided to create them a little differently. I used a fusible batting and fused both the green fabrics to it. I then proceeded to stitch in outlines of leaves. I also added veins up the center. Can you see them? It's not easy in this photo, but they're there.

The fused batting made it much more stable to stitch so I decided that I would cut the leaves out before I did the zigzag. This meant that I could zigzag over the edges which would look much neater than the way I did the flowers. That worked well.

There was only one problem, this zigzag takes a lot of time and I was running short of time so I decided these leaves really didn't need the additional stitching. The fusible held them nicely together as you can see above. I got a nice surprise when I turned the leaves over.

I liked the contrast so decided to use both sides for leaves. Now it is time to arrange my flowers and leaves on my scene. Just around the right lower corner of my piece I think. Here's how they look so far.

Once I positioned them all, I took a snapshot of it. None of the flowers and leaves are attached yet. I want some hanging over the edge so will need to add the binding first. I will leave the attaching until next week.

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