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This page is dedicated to October Stitch Along. I will be updating it each week. If you want to join in the fun, go ahead. We'll be glad to include you. Click here for our general stitch along rules (not really rules, just guidelines).

Week One Gallery Entries

Week One Rules are here

Jennifer Leslie joined us again this month. She says: "Left to right - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. I may change my mind next week when I know the next step. I'm not too sure about my summer fabrics and thread...hmmmm! Better pleased with the other seasons. But, as I said, nothing is set in stone! :-) and it is FUN!"

Jennifer Leslie's fabric selection

Amanda also sent in her photo. She is looking forward to the next step.

Amanda's selection

Jennifer Houlden blogged about her selection. Read her blog post.

Jennifer Houlden's fabrics

And I also wrote a blog post on mine. My blog.

My Fabric Selection

Mary-Clare also joined us this week. She is also looking forward to the next step. Here is her selection.

Mary-Clare's fabrics and threads

Margie Burke sent along a photo of her fabrics too. Margie has a blog for you to read here: Margie's Blog

Elvira sent in her fabric selection too.

Elvira's fabric and threads

Week Two Gallery Entries

Jennifer Houlden sent in her four blocks. I really like her spring so asked her to send me a close up too.

Jennifer's Spring

Here are all her blocks together:

Jennifer's Week 2 blocks

You can read about Jennifer's block making on her blog.

Mary-Clare Tremain also sent me a photo of her four blocks. She chose not to add veins as a couple looked like flowers.

Mary-Clare's Week 2 blocks

I also left off the veins which I may add next week if we layer the blocks and quilt them... but perhaps we'll do something else. You can also see my blog post for more details.

My Week 2 blocks

Jennifer Leslie completed her blocks. She changed a few of her fabrics so they would work better together. She used a silver fabric for the winter block although it is difficult to tell. Looking good!

Jennifer Leslie's blocks

Juliet Wood also sent in a photo this week. These are great! I especially love your winter block and the fabrics you used for it. 

Juliet Wood's blocks

Now received Amanda's work too. Wow what a wonder response this month!

Amanda's Challenge blocks

Elvira's blocks. Love that summer block!

Elvira's blocks

Week Three Gallery Entries

So far we have two enteries in, Jennifer Houlden's and mine. I really like what Jennifer did. Here's what she did with one block.

Jennifer's block

Here are all her blocks. You can read about what she did on her blog.

All Jennifer's blocks

Here are my blocks which you can read about here

Here are Amanda's blocks too. She says "I loved the challenge this week, especially reassembling the motifs and watching the new colour combinations come together. Only problem was I assembled 2 blocks with the seasons going clockwise and 2 with them going anticlockwise so I didn't quite get the secondary pattern I was hoping for in the middle!"

Amanda's blocks

Juliet Wood sent in her blocks. She opted for this solution wishing she had used stronger colors for her autumn. Wonderful to see alternatives happening!

Juliet's blocks

Jennifer Leslie also sent in her challenge piece.

One more entry which comes from Elvira.

Elvira's blocks

Week Four Gallery Entries

Week four challenge pieces are slowly coming in.

Here is mine.

my challenge

Jennifer Houlden also sent in hers, not quite completed because she had a very busy weekend.

Jennifer Houlden's challenge


Jennifer's finished challenge

And as I was uploading these, I recieved Amanda's challenge piece too. She practiced different quilting techniques on hers. It turned out great.

Amanda's challenge

Juliet sent her blocks in. She hasn't quite finished because of other commitments but will finish off each block individually and then join them together as I did for my collection. She asked me a few questions on measurement etc so I may just need to make a separate blog post showing how I put mine together. In the meantime, enjoy Juliet's pieces below. 


Juliet's Challenge blogs

November challenge is starting this weekend. Check out the rules and join in the fun. November challenge begins

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