Stitch Along December Challenge Week 2

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This week Amanda sent in her challenge piece for the gallery. Did you see it? It is adorable. You can read about it in the gallery.

Stitch Along Challenge for December: Week Two rules

This week we are going to make a second tab. Collect several fabrics and items or embellishments for it as you did for last week, except this time I want you to think about someone or something you did with someone that you want to remember. It may have been going on a cruise or a special anniversary or it may have just been a day quilting with a special group of friends. There are just two rules, the event (if it is one - it may just be based on that person) has to be no older than six months and it has to involve another person.

Here is the pdf again, just in case you need it:  memory tab and remember to write what your tab represents on the back. 

If you would like to share a photo, you can send it to me: info at (remove the spaces and change 'at' for @). If you blog, send me a link too so I can link back to you with your picture and remember to tell me your story too.

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