Stitch Along November Challenge Week 2

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Did you miss our first week instructions? You can find them here: Week One Rules and be sure to check our November gallery.

Week Two Rules

Let's make some 1/4 square triangles. How's how....

On the lightest 3 1/4" and 4 1/4" squares, draw a diagonal line. Place both 3 1/4" squares right side together and stitch a little less than 1/4" from the line on both sides. Repeat for the 4 1/4" squares.

Cut along the line and press open, pressing the seam toward darkest fabric. No need to trim here. This makes four half square triangles (HST).

Draw a diagonal line through all the 3" and 4" squares and repeat the same as above matching each square to one HST of the correct size so drawn line is perpendicular to seam in HST.

You'll make EIGHT of these in total. Note: some are the mirror image of the others. It is up to you as to which units you use in the next step.

On two of each size, trim to 2 1/2" for the smaller unit and 3 1/2" for the larger. Leave the other four untrimmed for now.

Next use your border fabric with any other fabric you might have included in your selection or use it alone, to frame the four trimmed units. (in any way you wish). The border may be pieced or plain. Use your imagination. Remember the larger the borders, the larger you finish piece will be so don't make them too big.

Have fun and let's see what arrives in the Gallery.

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