Stitch Along November Challenge Week 3 rules

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Are you ready for another set of rules? I am so let's get down to it.

This week we will piece your units together. Seeing as your units are all probably different to mine, I figured I'd better show you an easy way to assemble these so the first thing you'll need is some graph paper.

I didn't have any on hand so I printed mine off here: Graph paper to print

I selected the Multi-Color choice, but the Multi-Weight also works just fine.

I changed the settings to create both 1/8" grids and 1/4" grids. All you really need is the 1/4" since that is the size we use for seam allowances. These are the settings I changed:

  • Minimum Border I set to .25 inches
  • Grid spacing I set to 1, 2 & 4 for 1/4" grid paper or 1, 2, & 8 for 1/8" grids
  • For colors I selected red or black for large, medium grey for medium and light grey for small.

Once that is done, just hit download pdf and print off your grid paper. I needed two sheets.

I taped my pieces together, then I could use them for auditioning my blocks.

So what you need to do now is place your blocks, any way you wish, on the grid paper and decide where you want them. Remember at this stage your blocks still have seam allowances that will disappear once they are pieced.

Here are some ideas. For an easy layout, align each block underneath the other, varying its position in the row. By doing this, all you need to do is cut background sections on either side of each block.

A second idea is to add a plain strip between each block row. Do this by leaving a gap in the grid.

Or for a more difficult construction, mix it up a little by having the blocks overlap the line as I have done in this photo.

Once you have an idea of where and how you want to position your blocks, draw them into the grid by just marking in the corners. You'll need to know the measurements of your blocks and remember to take off the seam allowance from the measurement to draw them. I wrote the finished size in the area to remind me. The grid paper makes it easy to measure and draw.

I've marked all mine in on this grid.

Now I can block in the other areas and determine what I need to cut from the background. To help remind me of the measurements, I added the finished size which is the measurement of the grid and the cutting size which is the measurement plus 1/2" for seam allowances.

With all that worked out, I can now go ahead and cut the sections and then piece my background together. You can do the same and then send in a photo for the gallery.

Don't forget to check back in the gallery for last week's entries too.

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