Stitch Along November Challenge week 4 rules

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Wow, week four already. Did you get your mini quilt top together last week? Remember to send a photo in for the gallery. This week's a big one but the end of the month is 9 days away so you might like to spread it out a little. 

Week Four Rules

Trim down your four remaining units. You can trim them to whatever size you like. Use at least one in the form of an embellishment. You can use any remaining to piece into the back or for the label. Whatever you do, at least one must be attached to your quilt in the form of an embellishment. Look for my ideas below to give you some hints.

Once you have worked out how you want to embellish your quilt, make your embellishment and then use any remaining units in the backing or label. Layer your quilt and quilt it using a design idea from any one of the fabrics used in the quilt. For example, if you fabric has circles, quilt some sort of circles. Pick at least one design. 

When your quilting is finished - it shouldn't take long - bind your quilt and add your embellishment. Don't forget to send in a photo!

Ideas for Your Embellishment

  • One idea might be to simply make a label and hang it from the bottom of your quilt. If one unit isn't big enough, join two together.
  • Another idea might be to face the unit and make it as a pocket on your quilt. You could make four little pockets for keepsakes or photos.
  • One last idea could be to back the unit entirely and hang it from your quilt, either on it or like a fringe along the bottom using all four - oh this gives me an idea for what I will do! - see how I backed my unit below.

Remember: You can make your embellishment as small as you like. I cut one of my small units down to two inches but you can make it smaller if you like or make it as large as you can by just trimming off the dog ears.

Trimming to 2"

Unit Backing Method

Here is a simple way to back your unit. You could also use this method to make a pocket. 

Cut TWO squares the same size as your unit from the backing fabric (this can be any fabric you like). Fold them in half and finger press them.

Fold two plain square in half and finger press

Then lay them on the right side of the unit even with the raw edges and with the folds meeting in the middle. 

Two folded squares on RS of unit

Stitch a quarter inch seam completely around the layers.

Stitch around the entire outer edge through all layers

I used my dressmaking skills and took a diagonal stitch across the corner. This little trick really helps to get the corners square on the outside.

One diagonal stitch across corner

Trim the corners on the diagonal to reduce the bulk.

Trim corner points

Then turn it in the right way through the opening in the back between the two folded edges. When I'm turning it to the right side, I pinch my thumb and finger right in that corner stitch.

Pinch together between thumb and finger

... and it pops through nicely.

Nice square corner point

Now just a good press and I'm done. No hand stitching and nice straight seams all around.

Backed Unit

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