Stitch Along November Challenge

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Today we are looking at a new challenge. This one for November, but being Halloween I thought we should include something Halloweenish in today's rules, just for fun.

Wondering if I can use this cobweb fabric!

Did you check the October Gallery? I'm still looking forward to adding more entries so keep them rolling in.

Remember to click here for our general stitch along rules (not really rules, just guidelines).

November Stitch Along Challenge Rules week 1

Select 3 fabrics that work together:

  • From two of those fabrics cut ONE 3 1/4" and ONE 4 1/4" square in each fabric. 
  • From the third fabric cut TWO 3" squares and TWO 4" squares.

Find one more fabric that would work as a border or frame with those above fabrics.

Find another fabric that will work as a background. It should contrast the fabric above.

"Something round, something green, something Halloween" is our phrase.

You need to select something with each of those three elements in. They may be included in the fabric selection above or they can be additional fabric, thread or embellishments.

Go for it, can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

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