Stitch Along Sunday August week 1

Posted by Ruth on 1 August 2013 | 1 Comments
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August is here already! It is time to start a new stitch along Sunday. Are you going to join in this month?

I had fun with the last two months, so you are bound to too.

June Challenge

July Challenge

August Rules

1: Look in your stash and find what you consider an 'ugly' fabric. This may not necessarily be that ugly otherwise why would it be in your stash to begin with? However find a fabric that you might think is hard to use in a quilt or may no longer appeal to you, or perhaps it is a fabric someone gave you that you just don't know how to use.

2: Find a fabric that contrasts with that ugly fabric. If it is dark, find something light or vice versa. Also find a complimentary colored fabric, one that works well with it.

3: Think abstract. Put the fabrics together in an abstract form. Squares, circles, lines etc.

You can fuse, applique or piece your pieces together. That's up to you. This shouldn't take very long at all. Don't over think it. Snap a photo and send it along.

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  • I will have a go. I have what I call an ugly fabric in my stash. Heaven knows why I purchased it. :(

    Posted by Mopinwil, 02/08/2013 7:09am (8 years ago)

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