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Posted by Ruth on 9 June 2013 | 27 Comments
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After seeing some incrediable art quilts recently, I realized how much I missed art quilting myself, mostly the challenges of coming up with something based on fabrics, ideas or words. Thus I decided "Stitch Along Sunday" should be born. This program will be based on art quilts using any media and I hope some of you will join me. We will start out simple and get a little more challenging as we go along. I would love to hear any ideas on how to make this a real fun program.

For our first stitch along project we only have two rules.

  • The project finished piece will be no larger than a standard piece of paper. Like Letter size in the US or A4 in other countries.
  • Each word needs to be incorporated some how into the project. It can mean anything at all.

This challenge is going to be based on words. To start out we will have 4 words and each week we will add another. I'm starting with 4 words because I want you to get the idea of how this works. Later we might just start with one and build on it.

Our four starting words are:

  • blue
  • round
  • time
  • plant

They can be added in any order. I'm going to start with blue. My "blue" is going to be the background fabric. It has blue tones in it.

blue fabric for background

I cut a paper size piece for the background, but must remember that I cannot cover it all because this has to represent the word "blue".

Now add a piece of batting behind it.

add some batting

Next I'm thinking of the word "round". Cutting a circle will definitely cover that word. I also cut it out of a blue fabric so I have used the word "blue" again. That is okay to do. The circle is fused in place.

A circle that is also "blue"

I think my circle could represent the moon. The moon is at night of course so that would cover the word "time". One more word to go.

I added a silhouette of a tree. Ahhhh that covers "plant".

Night for "time" and a tree for "plant"

Get the idea? I'm not going to stitch yet because we still have more words to cover and I do not know what they will be. I'd like your input so add a word or two below in the comments, but better still, why not join in and make a small art quilt yourself using the words above. Make it something completely different. I'm hoping to post a collection of them at the end. How about it? Want to join me?

If you would like to share a photo, you can send it to me: info at (remove the spaces and change 'at' for @). If you blog, send me a link too so I can link back to you with your picture.

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  • I do still do some, actually have one starting for November. You can find the instructions here:
    I may think about doing them on facebook at some point, thanks for the suggestion.

    Posted by Ruth, 31/10/2018 11:39pm (3 years ago)

  • Hello. I do not see anymore of these posts I think they are fantastic. Do you do this on facebook now? Is there a 2018 pages I am missing? I am sure that a lot of folks would enjoy this on facebook. thank you, Dawn

    Posted by dawn, 31/10/2018 10:26pm (3 years ago)

  • Looking forward to joining this group.

    Posted by Vicki Robles, 13/09/2018 4:27am (3 years ago)

  • Sure thing Ruth. I'm taking a break for a couple of months but hope to start up again in the new year.

    Posted by Ruth B, 17/10/2014 6:18pm (7 years ago)

  • I would love to join your Stitch Along Sundays group. Can I be included when you start up again?


    Posted by Ruth Quinn, 17/10/2014 12:29pm (7 years ago)

  • Love the idea for your challenge. I am going to try it out! Love to join you all on the adventure.

    Posted by Flicsha Allen, 08/06/2014 9:38am (7 years ago)

  • This sounds exciting, lots of ideas for this one. Love to join in.

    Posted by Elvira Richardson, 19/10/2013 2:25pm (8 years ago)

  • I've just joined the group today. Looks like fun.

    Posted by Judith Elder McCartney, 23/06/2013 7:49pm (8 years ago)

  • What a fantastic idea, unfortunately I'm too busy with work at the moment to take part but I'd love to follow and see what folk come up with, bet it'll be wonderful

    Posted by Sue Harrington, 21/06/2013 5:42pm (8 years ago)

  • I love the idea of a challenge. I found your blog through Quilts by Jen and loved your pieces. I am new to this art form, but I would love to participate anyways and give it a try.

    Posted by Darlene , 17/06/2013 9:08pm (8 years ago)

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