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Posted by Ruth on 4 August 2013 | 2 Comments
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August challenge has begun and I'm having more fun as I go. Did you miss this week's rules? Check them out here: August Challenge week one rules

So to start with we needed to select a fabric that was considered ugly or something we would find hard to use. I chose a fabric that accidently got into my stash and although it is not totally ugly, it is not a fabric I would buy and use in a quilt. To tell you the truth, by the time I got finished working with it today, I no longer thought it as ugly at all, but it did start out that way in my mind.

My 'ugly' fabric

Next I chose the complimentary fabric. I figured that was easy. 

Complimentary fabric added

Then I set about finding a contrast fabric I could work with. I started with this gold fabric but decided there wasn't enough contrast to work with so back I went to my stash.

First attempt with a contrast

Now I pulled out this vivid orange. Well that's contrasted alright, but maybe a little off the wall for me. Back to the stash again.

A little bit off the wall

This time I chose a dark navy blue. I have never liked blue and green together and every time I see them I think of the phrase "blue and green should never been seen", but this blue and green looked good and I figured I could do something. It actually enhanced the darker color in my 'ugly' fabric.

Contrast fabric added

Right about now I started thinking which of these three fabrics would work best as the background. My original thought was the navy but I found there wasn't enough contrast between the other two fabrics without it all blending into nothing so I decided the green striped fabric would make the best background.

With the background selected, I was thinking abstract (as per the rules) and with that I thought circles, but I didn't want just plan old circles and I figured the best way to make my 'ugly' fabric stand out against the background was to frame it with the navy. I set to work and cut out some wobbly looking circles. I made them quite large and cut out the inner section.

My wobbly circles

As I was playing around with their positioning on the background - at this stage I had not removed the paper backing so they were easily bumped - I discovered I liked the top fabric positioned off center leaving just a slight blue edging on one side and wider on the other. When I looked through the camera lens, it looked as if the top fabric was floating. 

Top shape off-center

I liked this effect a lot so I cut another wobbly circle out of the inner portions that I'd discarded earlier and added them to the piece.

A second shape added

I was having fun and wanted to add more - running out of room but hey, I can make them smaller right? This time I added three circles. They were getting a little small to make them wobbly and cut the centers out so they are a little more circular, however they are freehand cut so not perfect circles.

Circles added

Okay, I couldn't resist. Had to add more. This was so much fun. Those little circles look like bubbles when I turn the piece upright. It's amazing where an 'ugly' fabric can take ones creativity.

Floating shapes and bubbles

What did you create? I have had a couple of challenge pieces sent in already so decided to make a separate page of them. You can check them out here: August Challenge Gallery

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  • I like this! I would have never thought of it. Great!!!

    Posted by claudia w, 04/08/2013 10:06pm (8 years ago)

  • I liked your "ugly" fabric to start with - but you have turned it into a work of art!

    Posted by Chris Ogilvie, 04/08/2013 7:14pm (8 years ago)

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