Stitch Along Sunday - my challenge week 3

Posted by Ruth on 18 August 2013 | 0 Comments
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This week is embellishment week. Did you see the rules? Week three rules are here.

I didn't have a lot of time to work on my piece this week, but then that's the beauty of these challenges. They shouldn't take too long, but they do get your creative thoughts flowing. I decided to make some fabric beads from my ugly fabric (or not so ugly as it seems to be now). I guess I was inspired by Monday's post on how to make fabric beads and wanted to see how they looked in this fabric.

They looked okay, but improved when I mixed them with the orange beads I made Monday. When I made those originally, I wasn't even thinking of my challenge piece, I just wanted to use the fairy frost fabric. As it happened, they worked in extremely well.

I auditioned them on my project, but notices my ugly beads disappeared.

Fabric beads added

I think they look much better when I put the orange beads on the ugly fabric and the ugly beads on the green background. Now you can see them.

Fabric beads rearranged

You can see this piece and the others in our August Challenge Gallery. Check them out.


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