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13 ways to find inspiration for quilt making

Posted by Ruth on 16 February 2011 | 0 Comments

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Each quilt tells its own story and is unique with its own characteristics, but where does the inspiration come from to make a quilt? Over the next 4 blog post I'm going to give you 13 ways to find inspiration for quilting. Each post will be divided into a category group. In most points, I will include my own personal examples to give you further understanding for each. Our first category is visual inspiration.

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Inside an Online Class

Posted by Ruth on 23 January 2011 | 0 Comments

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I've been playing with screen casting and found it was a great tool to get the word out. In the following screencast I show you what it's actually like inside a class at the Academy of Quilting. It would be great to hear of other ideas on how you can use screencasts. Leave me a comment or email me your suggestions.

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How Online Quilting Works

Posted by Ruth on 10 January 2011 | 1 Comments

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The "Academy of Quilting" brings you the joy of learning quilting, applique & patchwork in the comfort of your home with online quilting classes.

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An In Depth Look at "A Freshness of Spring" - part 1

Posted by Ruth on 4 January 2011 | 5 Comments

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One of my projects last year was to recreate any one of my quilt pattern designs. My choice was "A Freshness of Spring".

This quilt was born in 2006. It was created in shades of blue for the background and daisies of white with yellow centers. Today I have remade it, creating a more scenic view using background shades of green, purple and blue.

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Catching up with Quilting

Posted by Ruth on 1 January 2011 | 2 Comments

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During the Christmas/New Year period, I like to catch up on some unfinished work or make a start on a new project - time permitting of course. It is not always possible, but this past season I did achieve more than expected. I remade one of my patterns in new colors, I quilted another which had been waiting for over a year to be quilted and I finally wrote up and made a new sample for my Bargello in Summer pattern.

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