Tuesday Tutor - Double Monkey Wrench

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monkey wrench smallThis is our last block for this quilt. How have you been doing? We'd really like to hear your comments. This week's block is Double Monkey Wrench. It is made up of several units we have used before. Half square triangles and strip blocks.

So what fabrics do we need? Here is our requirements list >>

For this block you will need fabrics 1, 3, 4 & 5.

Cut the following:

TWO 3" squares from fabric 1

TWO 3" squares from fabric 4

ONE 1 1/2" strip x 1/2 WOF (width of fabric) from fabric 3 

ONE 1 1/2" strip x 1/2 WOF (width of fabric) from fabric 5

ONE 2 1/2" square fabric 5

Let's start with the half square triangles. You already know how to make these. Use the TWO 3" squares from fabric 1 and fabric 4. You might like to refer to the Friendship Star Block if you need to >>

half square triangle

This will make FOUR half square triangles.

Next join the TWO 1 1/2" strips together. Press the seam toward the darker fabric. 

strip block - press toward darkest fabric

Now you are ready to cut this block into 2 1/2" sections.

strip block cut into 2 1/2" sections (make 4)

Once your strips have been cut up, you are ready to lay out all the pieces ready to build rows of the block.

Join the sections of each row.

row 1 - press toward strip block in center

row 2 - press away from center square

row 3 - press toward strip block in center

The final step is to join the three rows together. Go ahead, you can do that now.

Double Monkey Wrench

Wow you have now completed 7 different blocks. That must be a good feeling. Next week we will be joining them all together so why not audition them to see how they look using our first lesson quilt picture as a guide. Now is a good time to decide if one of the blocks doesn't work for you. If you have a block like this, you'll have time to make a new one so you are ready for next week.

If you missed any of our lessons you can find them here:

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