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Friendship Star BlockFor this block you will be making half square triangles. What are half square triangles? A half square triangle is a square that is made up of two triangles of different fabrics. It has a seam diagonally throught the middle. You can see FOUR in our Friendship Star block.

There are various ways of making half square triangles (HST). A lot of quilters like using thangles. These a paper strips you purchase in packs. They give you sewing lines to sew on and cutting instructions. The best thing about Thangles is you don't have to cut numerous amounts of squares, you only cut strips. Each pack comes in a different size. You can find more information about these here >>

I'm going to show you a different method of making half square triangles. You can make them in any size you like but for our sample block we need 2" finished half square triangles. There is a simple formula I like to use when making them and that is Finished size + 1". Therefore, for our blocks which will finish at 2" square, we will need to cut 3" squares. If you were to make a 5 1/2" finished block, then you would cut 6 1/2" squares. It couldn't be much easier than that!

Read out blog post "Half Square Triangles" for instructions how to make these if you are not familiar with the technique.

For our Friendship Star Block you will need fabrics 7 & 8.

For full requirements see our list and sample quilt here >>

We need to make SIX of these blocks for our sampler.

From fabric 7 cut:

TWELVE (12) 3" squares (HST)
TWENTY-FOUR (24) 2 1/2" squares

From fabric 8 cut:

half square triangle

TWELVE (12) 3" squares (HST)
SIX (6) 2 1/2" squares

Make TWENTY-FOUR half square triangles following the instructions on our blog post or using thangles.

Position your 2 1/2" squares and half square triangles in rows as follows:

friendship star rows


Row 1



Row 2



Row 3


Stitch together in rows making sure the HST are facing the correct way. Press towards the plain squares.

Friendship star row 1

Friendship star row 2

Friendship star row 3

Now join the rows together to make your Friendship Star.

Friendship star block

How did you get on? We'd like to hear from you.

Below are some other ideas you might like to try with this block.

Check out how Jennifer's blocks are coming along >>

If you missed any of our lessons you can find them here:

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Star Table Runner 
uses 5 Friendship Star blocks

Friendship star Tablerunner

Friendship Star and Rail Fence quilt

Friendship star Tablerunner

Uses 18 Friendship Star blocks and 17 Rail Fence blocks.

Happy Quilting!

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