Tuesday Tutor - how to layer your quilt ready for quilting

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Probably the biggest question about quilting your quilt is how to quilt it. There are so many designs and quilting techniques that sometimes it is really hard to decide on what would look best for your particular quilt.

Before we can layer your quilt ready for quilting, you need to decide on the quilting style or technique you wish to use. This is because any design must be drawn onto the quilt top before the layering is done. Some quilting techniques do not require any drawing at all. For example, there is no need to draw cross-hatching quilting lines or free-motion stipple lines. 

Stipple quilting

Free-motion Stipple quilting

Cross-Hatch quilting

Cross-Hatch quilting

So first decide what you want to quilt. I think I will keep mine simple with no fancy designs that need to be drawn. You might like to add some so go ahead and draw them on. Use a quilter's pen or pencil to do this, not an ordinary lead pencil as this will be hard to wash out later. My favorite is the silver quilting pencil. 

Silver Quilting pencil

Silver Quilting pencil

Now it is time to layer your quilt ready for quilting. Did you know that 90% of successful machine quilting is in the pinning and layering of your quilt? It is important to get this right for sure.

I have already written a tutorial on layering so instead of repeating it all here I'm going to direct you to my pdf file. Be sure you have Adobe Reader to open it. You can download it free from their website.

You can find my pdf file on how to layer your quilt here >>

If you have any questions please leave me a comment.

Or perhaps you have an idea of how you want to quilt your sample, how about sharing it with us all?

Or maybe you'd like to see a particular style of quilting - let me know and I'll demonstrate it for you.

And remember, leave us an update as to how you are coming along with this project. I'd love to hear from you.

Happy Quilting!

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