A Series of Small Projects

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I've been looking for.... and thinking about... small gift ideas for Christmas. I have so many 'big' ideas but never start soon enough to get them made for Christmas! So over the next few weeks, I'm going to share some ideas for easy and reasonably quick gifts.

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September's Flower

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If you're a regular reader, then you know that for the past couple of months I've been listing Flowers of the Month. It's almost the end of September so figured I'd better get on to that pretty promptly. There are two flowers for September so depending on where you are in the world it may be aster or it may be morning glory. Both flowers I have made as blocks for my BOW flower collection.

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Applique Isn't Just for Quilts

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My jeans have been annoying me for a while. You see, I splashed a little detergent of some sort on them and it blenched a white spot in the middle of my thigh so now every time I wear them, I feel like they are dirty! Probably no one else notices, but I certainly do.

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19 Applique Tips

Posted by on 30 July 2019 | 1 Comments

I've been creating applique designs for years and my favorite technique is with fusible webbing so I've put together some tips that I do when I applique, many of which apply to any type of applique.

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I revamped a Design

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When I first started teaching quilting at the beginning of the century, I was asked to design a simple stained glass poppy for a class in Arizona so this basic pattern was born.

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Embroidery Feet for My Sewing Machine

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Some time ago I purchased a new sewing machine - my old one was over 25 years and still working well, but I figured some new features would come in really handy for my quilting.

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My Zentangle Journey is Complete

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If you've been following along my Zentangle journey, you'll know I've been working on my dolphins over the last month or so. This has certainly a learning experience and I couldn't have come all this way without Lee's expert advice. Lee's workshops are great but there is nothing like having personalized questions and answers as you work along which is the beauty of our Discussion Forums within the workshops.

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Questions Answered about Zentangle

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Yes, I'm continuing to work on my Zentangle dolphin. As you may remember, I had several questions I needed answered so I jumped back into Lee's workshop to ask her expert advice... I had so much fun doing that and was amazed at how much I gained from asking a few simple questions in the forum. Lee answered questions I didn't know I asked because she opened my eyes up to expand my thoughts, what an experience! ... and to think we are miles apart but it was almost like she was right next to me guiding me along.

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My Zentangle Dophins continued

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I couldn't wait to continue on with my Zentangle Design. To refresh your memory, here is where I'm up to. I ended after adding "Beadline". Check back to last week for full details of each stitch: My Zentangle Dolphins part 1.

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Flowers for Mum

Posted by on 30 April 2019 | 1 Comments

It's such a beautiful autumn day that I couldn't help but sit outside on the deck and enjoy the weather. I think my flower block quilt is quite fitting with the pretty colors of roses and geraniums flowering in the background. With a nip in the air, it's great to have a quilt on hand just in case I need to wrap it around my legs as I begin knitting a new cardie for my granddaughter.

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