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I had fun recently trying a new technique - art yarn. This is my first attempt and I know I need some improvements but I'll work on those! In the meantime, I thought I would use the art yarn to make some sort of decorative fabric creation.

art yarn

My first attempt at Art yarn

I started out by collecting various threads and fabric to use.

coaster supplies gathered

supplies gathered for art fabric

I then couched the yarn in place using a zigzag stitch and variegated thread. I also used the variegated thread in the bobbin to make the underside interesting too. Then I added some decorative free-motion in between. Watch this short video clip of me in action!

Decorative Fabric

coasters decorative fabric created

my creative fabric completed

Perhaps I should have thought a bit more about what I wanted to use this creation for and made it a little wider! Because after it was made, I realized it would turn into some real fun coasters but alas, I had not cut the fabric as wide as it could have been. 4" coasters will suffice! Note: when creating this fabric with an idea of what you will use it for, make the area at least a couple of inches larger so often the edges are not complete or the section is just not large enough to cut from - of course, you can always add more!

coaster fabric ready to cut

Getting ready to trim it into coasters

To make coasters I cut the fabric into four 4" x 4-1/2" rectangles.....

coasters cut ready to edge

Coasters cut ready to finish off

.... and used some more of the art yarn to couch around the edges.

coaster finished

one finished coaster

I think that this purple fabric - just ripped raw - is a nice way to keep the four coasters together. What an ideal gift. 

coasters gift packed

Gift packed coasters

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