Applique Isn't Just for Quilts

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My jeans have been annoying me for a while. You see, I splashed a little detergent of some sort on them and it blenched a white spot in the middle of my thigh so now every time I wear them, I feel like they are dirty! Probably no one else notices, but I certainly do.

jeans applique bleach

bleach spot

My idea was to use some applique to cover the problem. With the jeans being faded charcoal denim, I decided to use dark muted colored fabrics to tone in with it.

jeans applique fabric

dark fabrics for applique

.... so I cut out three flower shapes and a few leaves - fused first of course.

jeans applique shapes

I fused the pieces in place and set up the machine to stitch them. I considered stitching around the raw edges with blanket stitch then thought that would be difficult to turn under the machine foot. As it is, I'll need to take the extension table off and use only the arm so the leg of my jeans can fit over it.

Stitching applique to clothing presents a few changes to stitching applique on quilts. Here are three things I do differently:

  1. Use a stabilizer underneath - something like stitch 'n' tear works well. This prevents the applique from puckering. It is removed later once all the applique if finished
  2. If using free-motion stitching, you'll need to go around the outside at least 2 times - 3-4 times is better. Remember, clothing is washed much more than quilts so it needs to be well securedjeans applique flower
  3. Make the first stitching well in from the edge. Usually, I stitch about 1/16" for a quilt, on clothing, it is more like 1/8-3/16". This way, if it does fray a little, it won't pull out as readily.
jeans applique complete

applique completed

My applique is completed and I'm rather liking my new jeans - a much better way to draw attention than a bleach spot!

jeans applique

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