Bouncing Off The Walls

Posted by Ruth on 4 April 2018 | 2 Comments
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For the longest time now I've been thinking about making a music quilt. I'm particularly fond of music which probably stems from learning to play the piano at an early age. I did make a small art quilt a few years back that did include musical notes...

musical quilt musical quilt closeup

...which I made as part of my "Getting Started with Quilt Art", and the templates for musical notes are included in the class. (If you want to find out more about this online workshop, click here)

However, I don't consider this quilt as the musical one I had in mind!

When I really did get serious about making a musical quilt, I began collecting some fabrics with the musical theme.

music theme fabrics

But it wasn't until 2017 that I actually put those fabrics into a quilt... and again, not the one I had in mind. This time I made a bed quilt using modern quilting techniques such as free-form rotary cutting - if you haven't tried this, then I urge you to give it a try... it's a lot of fun. In fact, I have plans to include a section about this in my Getting Started With Quilt Art Workshop.

bed quilt block closeup

So what does all this have to do with "What's Under the Needle" today? Well this quilt, even though it is finished off with binding really isn't finished as it only has very basic quilting. My idea was to use it for practicing quilting ideas for existing workshops such as Machine Quilting, but in particular, my new Mystery workshop which I'm currently working on. So today I have been making videos that I may include in the workshop (or may not, that will remain a mystery), but I decided to use one for this week's "What's Under the Needle".

The video I selected is a quilting design I call "Bouncing off the Walls". It can be stitched using straight quilting or free-motion and since I'm a free-motion fan, that's my preference. You can see my demo video below which gives you a number of tips and hints on how to quilt this design.

bouncing of the walls quilting sm

By the way, if you are interested in my New Mystery Quilt Art Workshop, you can find out more about that here: Mystery Quilt Art Workshop

Bouncing Off The Walls quilting


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