Embroidery Feet for My Sewing Machine

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Some time ago I purchased a new sewing machine - my old one was over 25 years and still working well, but I figured some new features would come in really handy for my quilting.

One new feature for me was the dual feeds. When the Dual Feed option is engaged, the machine feeds the fabric from above and beneath simultaneously - an excellent feature. Because of how it works with my machine, there are certain feet that will only work with it and fortunately, the machine came with the standard foot so a great opportunity to practice.

blanchet stitch applique

blanket stitch applique

The dual feed is perfect for my applique!

Now because I tend to do applique and decorative stitching through layers, the closed foot which works fine with the Daul Feeds didn't give me the visibility I need for fine detail so I decided to go back to the store and purchase a Daul Feet open-toed embroidery foot. So much better for what I do. I think Bernina think of everything!

dual feed feet

Dual Feed feet - standard left, open-toed right

If you have the choice of foot, I recommend the open-toed foot for any type of straight stitch applique like blanket stitch so you can see exactly where you are going. This foot with the dual feed is definitely worth the money.

I did a little couching too, just for fun.


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