My Zentangle Dolphins continued

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I couldn't wait to continue on with my Zentangle Design. To refresh your memory, here is where I'm up to. I ended after adding "Beadline". Check back to last week for full details of each stitch: My Zentangle Dolphins part 1.

zentangle wip

Some wiggly lines were a great place to pick up from where I left off as I fill in the remainder of the top part of the bodies. They are quick and easy to create. Of course, I still did my warmup first before starting.

12zentangle wiggly lines

Now, the next design is one I've been a little apprehensive about. This one looks and is probably the most difficult to stitch. When the lines are so tiny, it's hard to keep them straight and having to stop at each connection makes it even harder. I did a fair bit of practice first and limited the number of lines on the actual dolphin. I think this would be much better on a larger scale!

13zentangle doublelines

Variations of "Rain" and "Sedgling" were next up. After a difficult design, it was very nice to do these two and I totally loved them. They make great fill-ins and I could see myself going wild with them in other designs.

14zentangle rain

15zentangle sedgling

With the upper portions of the dolphins complete, I turned my eye toward the bubbles. Will I stitch them all or skip some? Each bubble incorporates several designs one of them being "Rain". I found these tiny designs were also fun to stitch out so opted to stitch them all, but when I colored the first, I wasn't sure I liked it that way. Of course, it was too late to undo since my fabric pen is permanent so I only colored one bubble in each group.

16zentangle bubbles closeup

I added a few more dots in around the eyes and "Sedgling" as Lee had on the original drawing as I persued the overall design. What a difference just a few dots can make!

18zentangle adding pendots

I realized I didn't like the straightness across the back on the bottom dolphin where "Shattuck" was so added a few arches there. What do you think? Should I add another row? I think there is room.

18zentangle adding details

As I continued to assess my work, I found I rather liked the negative space on the underside of the dolphins. Lee has added designs in this area but I'm not sure I want to, is this technically correct for Zentangle? It will be one of the questions I'll need answering. I'm going to ask Lee in her "A Zentangle Journey Part 2" forum as I'm sure her response will help her other students.

19zentangle backs bubbles complete

For me, however, I need to take a break as I have some pressing work to do so check back in a couple of weeks for an update of where I go from here. One thing I can say at this time though is that I recommend those without any or only very little free-motion stitching experience, you definitely want to enlarge this dolphin pattern first before attempting it! (if you need instructions on how to enlarge designs and even draw your own, join me in "Free Software for Quilters")

Happy Tangling!

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