One last thought for quilted Christmas Gifts

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Oh, just a week before Christmas and I need one more gift. But I had the thought of looking through some of my unfinished (UFOs) quilts and perhaps find something to finish off for a gift. Among them, I find a Celtic design that I'd made years ago. I don't know where the design came from, I don't think it is one I made up, but probably one from a book or pattern I purchased in my early quilting days. 

celtic block

My Celtic Block

In any case, I made the design picking a border fabric with fabrics to complement it, pretty soft blues and pinks. I have no idea why I have not finished this! All the Celtic part is done - by hand I might add, and all that is needed is some quilting.

Needing it quick, I figured free-motion was the best answer.

celtic block freemotion

To make the Celtic design pop up, I echo quilted just outside the Celtic applique dragging the thread from section to section as you see here. I'll come back when I've finished and trim off all those threads.

celtic block echoquilting

I also quilted around the 1/4" border on both sides using a straight stitch and my walking foot.

celtic block design

I think perhaps I'd like to quilt down the background.... Do I have time? Do you think it might take away from the Celtic design? I'd really love to hear your thoughts.

celtic block finished

BTW if you'd like to learn all there is to know about making a Celtic design like this, I can recommend Nancy Chong's workshop. She does some really awesome Celtic work among other creative quilts with tricks and tips that are worth their weight in gold. Check it out: Nancy Chong's online workshops

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