Quilting a Penguin

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This week my penguin quilt was under the needle again.... this time to quilt it - one of my favorite parts of quiltmaking.

I used this cute batik for the back - I just love the footprints on it.

penguin backing

showing backing on the quilt

Once it was layered with batting, as for all quilting, I started near the center of the quilt by quilting around the applique penguins. To make the penguins pop, I decided to stipple down the background but before doing so I straight quilted around the outside of the section.

penguin block quilted

Background stippled after outlining the penguins

I used cross-hatching to quilt the nine-patch blocks and at the same time, I extended the lines out into the next border.

penguin border crosshatching2

cross-hatched nine-patches which extend into next border

My plan for the wider border was to quilt penguins - how fun is that? I reduced the penguin templates and used only the outline. I drew these onto tissue paper because I didn't want to mark the quilt top and then pinned them around the border evenly - pairs along the top and bottom border and single penguins up the sides.

penguin quilting with tissuepaper

penguins quilted through tissue paper

With the tissue paper removed, they turned out great!

penguin quilted pairs

penguins quilted in pairs

I've added the quilting templates - the right way and reversed - to the pattern which you can find on my website: Penguin Baby Quilt

quilting classes available at the Academy of Quilting

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  • Great idea. I also fear the marking pens and chalk makes a mess. Can’ wait to try this and start your mystery art quilt class .

    Posted by Barbara, 20/06/2018 9:39pm (3 years ago)

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