Some Fabrics Are Just Too Hard to Cut Into

Posted by Ruth on 26 September 2018 | 0 Comments

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Hey, do you have one of those scenic fabrics or large prints that you just don't want to cut into? Most of us do so today I want to share with you one way you can preserve that beautiful fabric by showcasing it in a quilt but still enjoy cutting it up so it is not just sitting in your stash waiting to be used.

Here's what I did with this Hoffman Fabric Route 66 fabric.

In this pattern, I showcased a large block of fabric in the middle and smaller triangular sections in the corners. Around the border square-in-a-square blocks, it was fun seeing which part of the fabric was displayed.

I made a similar design using a special anniversary fabric also made by Hoffman Fabrics - this time a bed quilt...

.... I added poppies to the corners for added interest.

scenic california poppies

Californian Poppies in Scenic Paradise

Both patterns are available on my website: Scenic Route 66 and Scenic Paradise

Let's take a look at some other fabrics to see if they might work in the same way. How about this fabric? I think this would work great in the same quilt setting! I could even add red, white and blue around the border to enhance the American feel.

route66 fabric option

American theme fabric

...or perhaps a seasonal quilt would be fun too.

route66 fabric option summer

Summer scenic fabric print

route66 fabric option winter

Winter scenic fabric print

I could use a different season in each different corner....

Do you have a fabric that would work? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below, or send me a photo.

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