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This week I've been doing something a little different, still in the sewing world but not so much in the patchwork/quilting world. I've been making toy foxes. Why? well, there is a lovely lady in Wellington that needed some help in her toy industry so I figured, why not?

foxes made of fabric

Toy Foxes

Most of her toys are crocheted. Who would have thought crochet was such a big thing! I mean, I learned to crochet as a kid. My neighbor taught me when I was 7 or 8 making up patterns for doll's clothes. The last thing I remember making was a baby shawl out of pure wool which I'd spun for my firstborn (I won't tell you how many years ago that was!), but since then, I have done little. 

BTW you can purchase her toys online or at her markets or stores. Her online base is (note: this shows NZ dollars)

But back to these foxes.... I actually used a pattern but adapted it. Now I'm wondering whether I should adapt it further and thinking about how nice these foxes would look in a patchwork look. There are plenty of ways to make fabric. In fact I made a video a year or so ago about how to do this. Here it is again.

Create your own fabric

Or perhaps a patchwork jacket would be just as cute.... something like this?

fox patchwork jacket

Patchwork Jacket for foxes

What do you think?

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