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Posted by Ruth on 25 April 2018 | 4 Comments
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It's school break so what better time is there to spend with your grandchildren or children ...and of course teaching any craft is fun especially for me as I have a real passion to see others, both young and old, learn and achieve new things. So knowing my granddaughter Amy would be spending some valuable time with me this break, I decided not to wait till next April to release the next animal block but rather get her involved in creativity.

Amy embroidering a seahorse

Teaching Amy to Embroider

This, by the way, is just another way you could use any of the animal blocks. There is enough detail without being too much for little hands to become bored.

So what's the new block? A seahorse.seahorse block

I used this new seahorse design and traced it onto fabric for Amy to embroider. I then put it in a hoop to keep it nice and taut.... any frame will do. Amy chose the thread colors and I thread the needle for her.... then showed her how to stitch around the outline of the seahorse and its eye using a running stitch. Not too bad for a 6 yr old. Next she learned satin stitch to add the fins.

seahorse embroidery by Amy

Amy's embroidered seahorse

So next time you are looking for some activity to occupy the young, or for that matter, anyone. Give this a try. Here's a quick demo of how to do the stitching. I'm using the tortoise block which is a little more detailed than the seahorse - it will be Amy's next project.

Simple Embroidery Stitches

For the very young, you can draw the outline on cardboard, say a cereal box and poke holes around the lines with a darning needle. You can buy plastic darning needles so they don't hurt themselves accidentally. The cardboard makes it nice and stable for their little hands and easy to follow.

To add to this, you might like to color it with fabric pens or paints or leave it as is and turn it into a mini picture to hang on the wall or use for a tote pocket. The latter is what Amy will do with hers, with Grandma's help of course.

Here are some of my other animal blocks that would look great for this type of project.

second fish

frog block

penguin block

Happy Stitching!

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  • That's a great way to learn stitching. I remember every summer my mother would draw lines on flour sack towels and my sister and I would practice running stitches in different colors. Then we would progress up and learn cross stitch on gingham fabric. It's so great that you have other options that work good for teaching the craft to the next generation.

    Posted by Bonni, 01/05/2018 11:10am (3 years ago)

  • Great ideas. My older grand children refer to my studio as “ Grandma’s sweat shop”????
    Did you get the pictures I sent of art quilt projects.?

    Posted by Barbara Frohne. , 25/04/2018 9:01pm (3 years ago)

  • He'll have fun Joan. I did this with my kids when they were small too. We used hessian then but I didn't have any so used a hoop in fabric which worked great.

    Posted by Ruth, 25/04/2018 1:50pm (3 years ago)

  • Good ideas! I might do something like this with Cambron.

    Posted by Joan, 25/04/2018 12:29pm (3 years ago)

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