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Today I've been taking some time to think about what 2020 will bring. The day had started out fill of interruptions which in turn brought distractions and other things to think about. Which door shall I open? There seem to be so many options. I'm certainly never short of a design or idea I want to create.

One of my interruptions was a small item had gone missing. Last seen on my computer desk, I couldn't for the life of me, find it. An instant tidy up was required, by bookwork, notes and other papers that I'd been working with, were sorted and put away - anything else on my desk had the same treatment. The side desk was also sorted as my search extended. I even looked in my quilt cupboard....

My quilt cupboard, a distraction from the search, shifted my thoughts to ongoing projects and ideas I'd had in 2019. Will I pick them up and continue today? Or will I start a new project for 2020? I pulled out three of my projects to assess.

ongoing projects

ongoing projects

A new bargello quilt "Bargello Illusions" could be a great place to start. In fact, I really need to extend my Bargello line

A challenge piece (the landscape), would definitely add to my collection of landscapes I've been presenting over the last few years - it just needs a decorative border.

And with three new flower blocks designed last year, I had in mind to create a new layout for all the blocks I have still sitting around.

So where to start? I pulled up GIMP (an image manipulation program) and started designing a new layout for my flowers - yes you can design quilts in GIMP and there were a few details I wanted to check out as I write my advanced workshop so not only will I be designing but writing notes as well. The great thing about this is I can insert photos easily, and draw new designs as well. Here's one idea I came up with...

layout with gimp

One possible layout for my flower blocks

My thoughts are to include a design in the central oval (design to still be though up) and quilted flowers in the corners around the oval. I'll use the flower blocks will fill in the border. 

PS if you want to learn more about the basics of GIMP and other free software for quilters, join my beginner's class over at the AcademyofQuilting.com. This will get you started and familiar with this program.

In the meantime, I'll keep playing with some more ideas and decide on one or two before updating you again. What will your 2020 quilting adventure be?

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